Complaint for arresting Wikipedia doctors for promoting illegal self induced abortions in India

Eileen Hershenov
General Counsel, Wikimedia Foundation Inc
Ms. Preeti Nath
Economic Adviser
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Room No. 243-B, A Wing,
Nirman Bhavan
New Delhi
26 October 2017
Dear Madam,
 Sub: Grievance no. DHLTH/E/2017/06808 pending wth Health and Family Welfare Dept.
 Please find appended reply received from Dean Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai,India in connection with the above public complaint to Ministry of Health and Welfare (GOvernent of India) dt. 23.Oct.2017

 It is self explanatory.

You are therefore called upon to immediately (and within 36 hours in any case) stop the import/export into India of these “Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements)” transmitted by light, photons, electrons and other electronic means meant for causing self-induced miscarriages in large mumbers of innocent Indian females.

Since the information has been added by this impersonatory user account of Wikimedia Foundation, and the poisonous advertisement content is further confirmed / affirmed by Wikimedia Foundation’s Board member / Trustee Dr. James Heilman and Wikipedia’s arbitrator “Drmies” (Dr.Michel Aaij of Auburn University Montgomery), I am giving you clear notice that HINDU SAMAJ of INDIA will initate appropriate criminal proceedings against Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Katherine Maher, Dr.James Heilman and Dr. Michel Aaij under Indian law and also seek blocking of  your website in India if these objectionable advertisments promoting illegal self-induced abortions by miscarriage of pregnant Indian females are not stopped immediately.


Lt. Col (Retd) Rajendra Dalvi
General Secretary
New Delhi